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Gypsy Girl

Product Code: DT09
Small AUD $14.50

Gypsy Girl with Lace

Product Code: FL23
Large $28.50

Half Cottage

Product Code: CT10
Tiny AUD $11.50

Half Timbered Cottage

Product Code: CT15
Tiny AUD $11.50

Hanako’s Dream Kit

Product Code: KT48
Hanako’s Dream Kit This exquisite image is based on a painting by Adelaide artist Janet Bridgland. The kit includes silk print, picture, instructions, all beads, flowers and coloured embroidery threads. AUD $129.50

Handbag Silk Print

Product Code: HB06
Small AUD $14.50

Handbag Silk Print

Product Code: HB07
Small AUD $14.50

Handbag Silk Print

Product Code: HB08
Small AUD $14.50

Handbag Silk Print No 1

Product Code: HB01
Small AUD $14.50

Handbag Silk Print No 2

Product Code: HB02
Small AUD $14.50

Handbag Silk Print No 3

Product Code: HB03
Small AUD $14.50

Handbag Silk Print No 4

Product Code: HB04
Small AUD $14.50

Handbag Silk Print No 5

Product Code: HB05
Small AUD $14.50

Hannah Kit

Product Code: KT36
Each kit contains silk print, instructions, picture, coloured embroidery threads, all beads and flowers. AUD $76.50


Product Code: CB02
Medium Print $19.50
Kit $129.50


Product Code: CBK06
Beautifully textured Art Nouveau design combining silk ribbon, medium sized silk print, thread-work beads and crystals. Easy to follow instructions. Cost of kit - $129.50

Harvest Thanksgiving

Product Code: CB01
Kit $139.50

Harvest Thanksgiving

Product Code: CBK05
An ornate stitched garland made up from beads and charms. This project is not difficult as detailed instructions explain how to position all beads easily. Background fabric not in kit. Cost of kit - $139.50


Product Code: DT03
Small AUD $14.50
Tiny AUD $11.50

Herbaceous Border with Squirrel

Product Code: CT08
Large AUD $28.50
Medium AUD $19.50

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