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Basket with Dasies

Product Code: FB14
Basket with Dasies & Grey Kitten

Basket with Fine Pink Bow

Product Code: BU04
Basket with Fine Pink Bow (4 x 2.5cm)
AUD $15.50

Basket with Flat Top

Product Code: BU06
Basket with Flat Top (4 x 3cm)
AUD $15.50

Basket with Handle

Product Code: BU17
Basket with Handle Basket (6 x 3cm)
Handle (2 x 2.5cm)
AUD $24.50

Basket with Pansies & White Kitten

Product Code: FB13
Tiny AUD $11.50

Basket with Round Top

Product Code: BU03
Basket with Round Top (5 x 4cm)
AUD $15.50

Basket with Shell Motif

Product Code: BU05
Basket with Shell Motif (4 x 3.5cm)
AUD $15.50

Basket with Standing Cherub

Product Code: BU02
Basket with Standing Cherub (4.5 x 4cm)
AUD $20.00

Beaded Butterfly Evening Bag

Product Code: BB30
Kit Available

Beaded Handbag Silk Print No1

Product Code: HB09
Tiny AUD $11.50

Beaded Handbag Silk Print No2

Product Code: HB10
Tiny AUD $11.50

Beaded Handbag Silk Print No3

Product Code: HB11
Tiny AUD $11.50

Beaded Handbag Silk Print No4

Product Code: HB12
Tiny AUD $11.50


Product Code: FL02
Large AUD $28.50


Product Code: EX06
Medium AUD $19.50

Blue Basket

Product Code: FB04
Blue Basket

Blue Cherub Playing Flute

Product Code: LC10
Tiny AUD $11.50

Blue Flower Mount

Product Code: MT22
Large AUD $28.50

Blues - Beads

Product Code: BD05

Bonny Basket Kit

Product Code: KT24
Bonny Basket Kit
Contains bread dough vase, lace, ribbons,threads, beads, photo & instructions.
( 20 x 25 cm) AUD $65.00

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