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1. Embroidery with Judith & Kathryn

Product Code: BK01
This magazine features photographs and complete instructions for 19 beautiful projects using silk prints and bread dough baskets from the Judith & Kathryn range. SOLD OUT

2. Creative Embroidery with Judith & Kathryn

Product Code: BK02
The second magazine from Judith & Kathryn has another 22 inspirational projects. SOLD OUT

3. Beautiful Embroidery

Product Code: BK03
Over 70 inspirational ideas and projects are included in this publication released in late October 2001. SOLD OUT

4. Beautiful Beading with Judith and Kathryn

Product Code: BK04
Yet another Judith and Kathryn book filled with 22 amazinng projects and 3 inspirational ideas. This is the fourth Judith and Kathryn book published by Express publications. AUD $9.95 + p&p

5. Creative Beading with Judith and Kathryn

Product Code: BK05
The latest book from Judith and Kathryn. Featuring 21 new and stunning beading and embroidery projects. Contact us today to get your copy! AUD $9.95 + p&p


Product Code: CB14
Large Print $28.50
Medium Print $19.50
Kit $65.00

Afternoon in Paris

Product Code: BB15
Large $28.50


Product Code: DT02
Small AUD $14.50
Tiny AUD $11.50


Product Code: EL08
Large AUD $28.50
Medium AUD $19.50


Product Code: DT22
Tiny AUD $11.50

Angel & Cream Roses

Product Code: AL06
Medium AUD $19.50
Small AUD $14.50

Angel Bride

Product Code: AL10
Large AUD $28.50

Angel Face & Wings

Product Code: AL05
Medium AUD $19.50
Small AUD $14.50

Angel Head and Wings

Product Code: EE10
Angel Head and Wings AUD $18.00

Angel Star

Product Code: AL08
Medium AUD $19.50
Small AUD $14.50

Angel with Basket

Product Code: EE04
Angel with Basket AUD $24.50

Angel with Birds

Product Code: AL09
Medium AUD $19.50
Small AUD $14.50
Tiny AUD $11.50

Angel with Blue Bell

Product Code: AL13
Small AUD $14.50

Angel with Cello

Product Code: EE03
Angel with Cello AUD $20.00

Angel with Cornucopia

Product Code: EE01
Angel with Cornucopia AUD $24.50

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