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Baskets & Urns

Our hand crafted baskets and urns are the perfect centrepiece for your next embroidery project.

Each piece is individualy crafted and painted so that each is unique. Please contact us to see what colours we can provide you with.

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Basket with Fine Pink Bow

Product Code: BU04
Basket with Fine Pink Bow (4 x 2.5cm)
AUD $15.50

Basket with Flat Top

Product Code: BU06
Basket with Flat Top (4 x 3cm)
AUD $15.50

Basket with Handle

Product Code: BU17
Basket with Handle Basket (6 x 3cm)
Handle (2 x 2.5cm)
AUD $24.50

Basket with Round Top

Product Code: BU03
Basket with Round Top (5 x 4cm)
AUD $15.50

Basket with Shell Motif

Product Code: BU05
Basket with Shell Motif (4 x 3.5cm)
AUD $15.50

Basket with Standing Cherub

Product Code: BU02
Basket with Standing Cherub (4.5 x 4cm)
AUD $20.00

Double Cherub Urn

Product Code: BU13
Double Cherub Urn (5 x 3.5cm)
AUD $20.00

Draped Urn

Product Code: BU16
Draped Urn (4 x 6cm)
AUD $24.50

Fruit Bowl

Product Code: BU19
Fruit Bowl (5.5 x 4cm)
AUD $24.50

Large Double Cherub and Heart Urn

Product Code: BU14
Large Double Cherub and Heart Urn (7 x 5.5cm)
AUD $32.00

Large Terracotta Pot

Product Code: BU12
Large Terracotta Pot (4 x 3.5cm)
AUD $15.50

Owl Urn

Product Code: BU09
Owl Urn (3 x 2.5cm)
AUD $15.50

Pedestal Urn

Product Code: BU07
Pedestal Urn (3.5 x 2.5cm)
AUD $15.50

Single Cherub Urn

Product Code: BU01
Single Cherub Urn (4 x 2.5cm)
AUD $24.50

Sleeping Cherub Urn with Fluted Top

Product Code: BU08
Sleeping Cherub Urn with Fluted Top (4.5 x 2.5cm)
AUD $15.50

Small Double Cherub and Heart Urn

Product Code: BU18
Small Double Cherub and Heart Urn (4.5 x 4cm)
AUD $20.00

Small Terracotta Pot

Product Code: BU11
Small Terracotta Pot (2.5 x 2.5cm)
AUD $15.50

Small Urn with Handles

Product Code: BU10
Small Urn with Handles (3.5 x 2cm)
AUD $15.50

Tall Bird Urn

Product Code: BU15
Tall Bird Urn (3.5 x 6cm)
AUD $24.50

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