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Beautiful Beading with Judith and Kathryn: Kits

Our kits contain all the materials needed to create your own beautiful embroidered pictures, cushions, bags or amulets. Embroideries on these pages were stitched by Jane Ellis, Krysha Kerin, Liz Vickery, Judith Coombe and Kathryn Thompson.

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Flowers Entwinded

Product Code: BBK02
Kit $163.00
Kit contains: Flowers, leaves, beads, silk print, lace, bread dough pieces (cherubs & flowers) crystals, instructions and picture.

Glistening Flowers

Product Code: BBK03
Kit $75.00
Kit contains: silk print, beads, instructions and picture.

Jewelled Dragonfly Vase

Product Code: BBK04
Kit $75.00
Kit contains: silk print, beads, instructions and picture.


Product Code: BBK05
Kit $112.00
Kit contains: silk print, beads, metal pieces, bead flowers, instructions and picture.


Product Code: BBK08
Kit $178.50
Kit contains: doll, four velvet squares,skirt lace, flower, lace, instructions, diagrams and picture.


Product Code: BBK01
Kit $121.50
Kit contains: silk print, beads, lace, pansies,instructions and picture.

Pansy Crystal Necklace

Product Code: BBK07
Kit $65.00
Kit contains: Metal filigree, beads, crystals, chain, links and eye pins.

Precious Hand Mirror

Product Code: BBK06
Kit $75.00
Kit contains: mirror back, glass, beads and crystals, rhineston chain, flower, instructions and picture. (note. mirror comes in cream and can be painted)

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